Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Card - Afflicted Deserter / Werewolf Ransacker

Another 3 colorless, 1 red werewolf in a long line of 3 colorless, 1 red werewolves:

First Impression

Afflicted Deserter joins Instigator Gang and Mondronan Shaman as the latest of the 4cc red werewolves. (Seriously, what's up with that?) Among the three, Instigator Gang is the most powerful, Mondronen Shaman is a possible build around, and this one has "sideboard" written all over it. In a set where people are playing little to no artifacts in their decks, it's curious to print a werewolf that has built in artifact hate. But you never know. The usefulness of Afflicted Deserter is completely dependent on which ever format you're playing and whatever cards WotC decides to print next.

Deck Ideas

Honestly, if you're playing casually, just throw this card in which the rest of the werewolves and have some fun. If you're playing competitively, consider this for your sideboard in your werewolf deck.

--But I can't stop there. No on this blog.

I'm talking about going completely casual and throwing in cards like Neurok Transmuter, Mishra's Groundbreaker, Thran Forge, and Transmogrifying Licid. (You forgot about the licids, didn't you?) Let's design a deck so that if your opponent didn't have any artifacts when they started the game, they damn well will have artifacts by the time you're done with them. After that you just need to back up the Afflicted Deserter with cards like Shattering Pulse and Echoing Ruin.

Note: If you use Mishra's Groundbreaker on a land and then use Echoing Ruin on that same land, you'll destroy all lands of the same name.

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