Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bag of Dice

During this past holiday season I nerded out more than usual and splurged a little on some MTG related products (deck boxes, card sleeves, etc.), but it's my urge to put together a Dice Bag together that got me geeking out the most.

I ended up heading to eBay and putting together two identical sets of dice that will hopefully cover all my MTG dice needs and potentially last a life time. My current Bag O' Dice looks something like this:

  • 10x Blue D6
  • 5x Blue D6 (numbered 1-6)
  • 1x Blue D10
  • 1x Blue D20 (55mm Jumbo)
  • 1x Blue D30
  • 10x Red D6
  • 5x Red D6 (numbered 1-6)
  • 1x Red D10
  • 1x Red D20 (55mm Jumbo)
  • 1x Red D30

I've never played Dungeons & Dragons and I've never bought a Fat Pack, so I didn't have any spare dice laying around. I've been playing Magic for ~15 years and if these dice last me another 15 years, given the fact that this is a one time purchase for a game that I love to play, I just wonder why it took me so long for me to put something like this together. (I just got tired of using spare change or ripped up pieces of paper to represent +1/+1 counters.)

The D6's are obviously the multi-purpose dice to be used for almost every counter spawned from any permanent. The numbered D6's are mostly for -1/-1 counters, but they can also be used when two different types of counters are on the same card. The D10 is there for the random Infect Deck or possibly any planeswalker that uses up a lot of loyalty counters. The D30's are my multi-purpose dice used to track 20+ life or random things like the number of creatures in all graveyards for Avatar of Woe, for example. And then the big guys are there to keep track of life totals.

I know a lot of other people sometimes use mini-5mm D6's to represent their +1/+1 counters or sometimes even use barrel dice, but I think the above list pretty much covers all the bases. If I doesn't, I'll continue to add to the collection and update the list whenever appropriate.

(What does your dedicated MTG Dice Bag look like?)

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