Monday, January 9, 2012

Card of the Day - Zombie Apocalypse

It looks like the Card of the Day featured on Daily MTG is going to feature the newly spoiled Dark Ascension cards, at least during these preview weeks. Today's card is once again: Zombie Apocalypse.

A Second Look

I know I just posted a few initial thoughts about this card in the New Cards section of this blog, but let's give this one a little more thought. In that post, I really focused on the card's reanimation ability and completely ignored the "destroy all humans" clause at the end. While this clause really isn't that relevant outside the Innistrad Block, it's still really powerful inside the block. Even if you aren't playing this main deck, with Green/White Humans, Red/Green Werewolves, and even White/Red Aggro running around, this has the potential to be a potent side-board card.

Deck Ideas

This time, let's think a little further outside the box. It seems to me that one of the easiest ways to get zombies into the graveyard is thought cycling. This ability doesn't require assistance from the other colors and unlike cards like Zombie Infestation, with cycling, the zombies themselves are enablers. And it just so happens that there are a grand total of 6 zombies that have cycling:
  • Gempalm Polluter
  • Grixis Sojourners
  • Jhessian Zombies
  • Twisted Abomination
  • Undead Gladiator
  • Viscera Dragger
So maybe there are some casual zombie deck possibilities in a cycling based zombie deck out there? Throw in a few other quality black cycling cards such as Expunge and Decree of Pain, add in some cycling lands, and put all that on top of 3-4 Fluctuators and you have yourself a funky little Zombie Cycling deck. It might not be perfect, but it's a start.

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  1. For 6 mana zombie apocalypse seems pushed however, that is as long as the zombie deck has enough possibilities to dominate. Destroying all humans is no joke in a format that uses hero of bladehold, mirran crusader, snapcaster mage and humans turning into werewolves. However I believe that by being equal to the mana cost of Sorin Markov and only able to target zombie creatures and not zombie spells, and the fact that snapcaster mage can not easily cast it. The card seems to be a bit clunky to put into some decks, similar to rooftop storm.