Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Card of the Day - Steward of Valeron

Today's card of the day from Daily MTG is a common from the Shards of Alara set called Steward of Valeron:

I started playing Magic: The Gathering back in Revised, but back then I was too young to afford to buy more than a booster here or there. The sets I definitely sunk the most of my own money into were definitely Urza's Block, Invasion Block, Odyssey Block, and some Mirrodin. Because of real life, it's only now (Innistrad Block) where I've actually gotten back into the game a little, drafting on Magic Online. My point is that for the most part, I missed out on Magic during the years of Kamigawa, Alara, Lorwyn, Zendikar, Ravnica, and Scars. Long story short, I own a few thousand cards, but I don't own any copies of Steward of Valeron.

As with any ramping creature is concerned that's not named Llanowar Elf (or his closest relatives), you better have a damn good reason for running it or you're just playing an inferior Llanowar Elf. At first glance, trying to fit the Steward into a casual deck, my mind immediately goes to the Tribal Knights-type deck. After Dark Ascension and Avacyn Restored are released, he might also fit into a Human Tribal-type deck.

When thinking about Tribal Knights decks, you really have two routes you can go: (1) Either make a tempo deck with a set of Knight Exemplar at its core or (2) make a graveyard type deck which abuses Haakon, Stromgald Scourge to its fullest.

I've yet to put together either of these decks, but they sound like they could be fun. Maybe even add equipment or auras which add tapping abilities to creatures to further exploit the built in vigilance of the Steward.

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