Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Card of the Day - Phyrexian Dreadnought

The latest card of the day from Daily MTG comes from the Mirage block:

Today's card is an interesting one because I've owned a pair of Phyrexian Dreadnought as far back as can remember. I actually opened them from booster packs when Mirage first came out. And I've never been able to fit them into a deck that I liked.

Now there is obviously the tournament level version of the deck which uses Illusionary Mask to get around the comes into play ability, but I never owned a set of Illusionary Masks and more than that, I just don't enjoy playing carbon copies of tournament decks. So then then question becomes, what else can you do with Dreadnoughts?

I've seen affinity + Cranial Plating decks that look pretty good, but I'm still not yet convinced that the necessary cards are out there to make the type of deck that I enjoy playing. He's still a really cool creature and he'll fit into one of my future decks one day. Until then...

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  1. Sundial of the infinite works amazingly well.