Monday, December 5, 2011

BUG Zombies

Here's a deck that I've been having a lot of fun with:

BUG Zombies
(Innistrad Block Constructed)

Creatures (19)
4 Diregraf Ghoul
4 Deranged Assistant
4 Armored Skaab
3 Ghoulraiser
2 Unbreathing Horde
2 Grimgrin, Corpse-Born

Enchantments (9)
4 Dead Weight
2 Silent Departure
3 Rooftop Storm

Other (9)
4 Mulch
2 Forbidden Alchemy
1 Gnaw to the Bone
2 Creeping Renaissance

Land (23)
4 Woodland Cemetary
4 Hinterland Harbor
6 Island
8 Swamp
1 Forest

This obviously isn't a tier 1 deck... and probably not even tier 2. But I've been playing with it in the Tournament Practice room and have had some success.

The idea of the deck is simple:

Step 1: Cast a lot of cheap zombies an stall with removal.
Step 2: Fill graveyard.
Step 3: Cast Rooftop Storm.
Step 4: Cast Creeping Renaissance naming 'creatures' and dump your entire zombie horde on the field.

There are a few tricks in this deck to keep in mind:

  • While Creeping Renaissance is usually used for creatures in most decks, naming 'enchantments' instead of 'creatures' is a completely viable option in this deck. You can potentially get 4 dead weights and even a Rooftop Storm if you really need one.
  • Use your Dead Weights liberally. Because they all can be returned back to your hand multiple times, cast these spells early and often. But let's not forget...
  • Grimgrin, Corpse-Born is obviously a big beater that acts as additional removal, but it also saves your army from Sever the Bloodline.
  • Grimgrin + Rooftop Storm + Ghoulraiser combo; particularly effective after you cast a Creeping Renaissance, if you have Rooftop Storm in play, first you need to drop Grimgrin and cast a Ghoulraiser. You then sacrifice the Ghoulraiser in response to its own grave digging effect and dig itself out the graveyard. Infinitely loop. This is especially effect to get Grimgrin out of Blasphemous Act range. (I usually announce how many times I'm going to do it to not annoy my opponent too much.)
  • Note: This deck intentionally stayed away from the other skaabs and token generators. The more creature cards in the graveyard, the more effective it becomes.

Like I said, I've had some success with this deck, but it's still missing something. I'm looking forward to the next pair of expansions to see if this can actually work. The cards that I want to replace the most are:

  • Deranged Assistant - No matter how good its ability seems to be, it still remains the only non-zombie creature in the deck. This deck wants zombies.
  • Forbidden Alchemy - This spell is basically never cast for its flashback cost. Because of the way this deck is set up, once you get into 5, 6, and 7 mana territory, that stage of the game is reserved for Creeping Renaissance, Grimgrin, and Rooftop Storm. Those are the only spells you ever want to cast once you get that much mana.

TL;DR - This is a fun deck to play, but Dark Ascension can't get here soon enough. Hopefully the next expansion includes more effective zombies and cheap enchantment removal.

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