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Blasphemous Tokens

I've seen a few Innistrad Decklists that feature Black/White Tokens and I've seen some White/Red aggro decks with spot removal, but I haven't seen anything exactly like this before. As far as I know, this is an original deck.

I know this is "Casual MTG," but this is a legitimately competitive deck within Innistrad Block. I already entered my first MTGO tournament with it soon after I threw it together. How did I do? I don't want to spoil the results here. I'll be posting that story shortly.

Blasphemous Tokens
(Innistrad Block Constructed)

4 Doomed Traveler
2 Skirsdag High Priest
2 Mausoleum Guard
2 Falkenrath Noble
3 Geist-Honored Monk
2 Mikaeus, the Lunarch

More Creatures
4 Midnight Haunting
3 Moan of the Unhallowed

4 Intangible Virtue
2 Rally the Peasants

4 Blasphemous Act
2 Geistflame
2 Brimstone Volley

4 Isolated Chapel
4 Clifftop Retreat
7 Plains
4 Swamp
4 Mountain
1 Stensia Bloodhall


I'm really terrible at creating sideboards. I just don't play competitively enough. I don't pay enough attention to the current metagame to know exactly what to put it. Because of this, I'm going to leave the sideboard blank. If you want to use this deck, just make sure to include a single Plains and Swamp in your own sideboard. If your opponent isn't playing Gavony Township or Kessig Wolf Run, just swap in the basic land for the Ghost Quarters.

How does this deck work?

The idea was pretty simple: Make a lot of token creatures, cover them with some creature removal, and pump them up with enchantments. After scanning this forum, I've seen BW decks that are similar to this, but I think the most important addition in this deck are 4 copies of Blasphemous Act.

It seems a little counter-intuitive to put Blasphamous Act in such as aggresive, creature heavy deck, but that's what makes it so great. It's not uncommon for me to cast the spell for 3 or less mana. And in this deck, compared to some of the other decks I've played against, is that this deck has built in staying power after the board is wiped clean.

Doomed Necromancer and Moan of the Unhallowed in particular keep the deck going for it to catch its 2nd and 3rd winds. Midnight Haunting and Mikaeus put on the initial pressure (to get your opponent to empty his hand of his creatures). And the Giest-Honored Monk is just good at any point in the game. Another addition in this deck is the inclusion of a total of 6 buffing enchantments. After (a little) testing, I think 3 Intangible Virtue and 3 Curse of Stalked Prey is the right amount. The virtue needs no explanation, but I think the curse kind of puts it over the top.

With Curse of Stalked Prey, it makes your 1st turn Doomed Travelers an instant threat. And the same goes for the rest of your non-token creatures. The same can't be said for the tokens. But what makes it most beautiful is with a single Spirit Token, backed up by a virtue and curse, it becomes an instant threat to win the game -- and a single spirit can be the lone survivor after Blasphemous Act is played.

Skirsdag High Priest is kind of amazing... if they don't remove him right away (which is why there are only 2 copies in the deck). In this deck in particular, with Doomed Travler, Midnight Haunting, and Moan of the Unhallowed, there are plenty of opportunities to both activate Morbid and instantly get 2 fresh bodies to help pay for its activation cost. Throw in the virtues and all of your token creatures can attack freely and still tap if needed to activate the priest.

Now for the very last addition to the deck: Falkenrath Noble

Make a lot of creatures and get a lot of life, right? Not so fast. Imagine between yourself and your opponent, there are 8-10 creatures on the battlefield. Now cast a Blasphemous Act for 1 red mana. Guess what? You just drained your opponent for 8-10 life and probably just won the game. If not, there still might be that pesky Spirit Token in play or that Moan of the Unhallowed in your graveyard ready to be flashbacked.

What is your favorite thing about this deck?

It's a 3 color deck where every single color is absolutely necessary. Between Blasphemous Act, Falkenwrath Noble, and Midnight Haunting, this deck really can't do without exactly all 3 colors. Also, specifically for Innistrad Block, 3 color decks are very rare. The fact is there just aren't that many mana fixers in the set. There are the 5 enemy dual lands, a slow rainbow land, an artifact and a green spell, and that's it.

Because this deck is white heavy, it can squeeze in 8 copies of the enemy duals (white/black & white/red) very neatly. It all just comes together.

How does this deck differ from similar decks out there?

Like I said, I've seen many Black/White Token decks posted on popular MTG websites, like MTG Salvation, but none of them ever dabbled in red. I've also seen many red decks that use Blasphemous Act, but none of them really exploit the conditions for its reduced cost. Together with Falkenwrath Noble, the whole deck really comes together unlike any other similar decklist I've seen.

What makes this deck casual?

This is a competitive deck... but I still consider myself a casual player. Let's face it, Magic: The Gathering is damned expensive, especially if you want to play with older cards. The beauty of the game is that new sets are released all the time which decks limited to those newer sets.

My point is that its this reduced cost in making a block competitive deck is what makes this deck casual to me. If you still to the block constructed environment, you can go head-to-head with just about anybody, and you don't have to spend a fortune.

(So in a way, I'm breaking my own "Rule #3" with this.)

Anything else?

I'm now claiming that this is an original deck because I've skimmed the MTG Salvation Forums and I haven't found anything exactly like it yet. I made my own forum thread for the deck HERE.

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