Thursday, November 24, 2011

My First ISD Constructed Tournament (Daily)

Like I said, I'm a casual player, and I've never played in any constructed tournament ever. I've drafted a handful of times with friends, but I've never gone to a live event. I'm 29 years old now and I just have other things that need doing. That said, I was looking forward to testing this deck out.

(Note the differences between this and the deck posted above. Make special note of aweful sideboard I'm using. Half of those cards were just random cards I threw in to meet the 15 card requirement needed to start a game while I played solitaire matches. After that, I made a semi-proper sideboard, and then MTGO crashed. I logged back on and entered the tournament before checking the deck. Because of the crash, it reverted to an earlier save.)

Round 1, Game 1

In my first round I was matched against a really nasty RU Burning Vengeance deck (with some GW splashed in). In the 8 or so games I played against other people, I bumped into a similar deck twice and lost both times.

From what I can tell, this is my worst match-up.

(This is the reason for all the Urgent Exorcism and Nevermore in the sideboard. All of the direct damage and ever the Blasphemous Acts aren't needed. I plan on swapping them for all the anti-Burning Vengeance cards in the future.)

Round 1, Game 2

A lot of the same happens. I didn't draw a single Ugent Exorcism, the Burning Vengeances stayed in play for too long, and it was all down hill.

vs. RU Burning Vengeance

Round 2, Game 1

Not a good start. There are 4 rounds in this tournament and you have to win at least 3 of 4 to stave off elimination and make it into the money. The 11 booster prize is now out of the question. At this point, if I win the next 3 matches, I'll still be able to walk away with 6 boosters. (Win or go home!)

Round 2 matched me up against a GR Werewolf Deck and it wasn't even close, I destroyed him. But I can't take all the credit for this one. My opponent was severely mana screwed and even had to Ghost Quarter his own Mountain to grab a Forest because he had 2 Caravan Vigils in his hand that he couldn't cast.

Round 2, Game 2

Sometimes I don't even need Blasphemous Act against the wolves. It just doesn't have an answer against fliers with vigilance. I can hit him, he can't hit me, and I can block if needed. Doomed Traveler serves as a chump blocker, the spirits come out and the enchantments make them huge. If there get to be too many, cast a really cheap Blasphemous Act and only I can recover, he can't. Either way, easy, fast win and it would be a while until the next round started because this one was over so quickly.

vs. GR Werewolves

Round 3, Game 1

This game was a little tricky, mostly because this was the first time I had ever seen this deck before -- but apparenly, it's pretty popular because there's a thread about it on this very forum.

Round 3 matched me up against a UG Dredge deck (with some BW flashback splashed in). He starts off strong, but make a mistake and attacks into a Doomed Traveler when I had a High Priest in play and Midnight Haunting in hand. His Splinterfright gets pretty big, but I simply out race him.

Round 3, Game 2

This game was a much different story. In the end, I cast 2 of my Blasphemous Acts to fend off his army, but with graveyard recurrssion, and endless drawing power, he overwhelms me. I could never get going. None of my enchantments ever hit the battlefield and he crushes.

Round 3, Game 3

This one was over real quick. On the 2nd turn he leaves 2 mana open and passes. From the first game (from his massive graveyard), I could see he was playing Ambush Vipers. I attack with my traveler, leave my high priest untapped, and he makes the same mistake twice. The traveler dies and I end up with a Skirsdag High Priest, 3x Spirit Tokens, and 1 Demon Token. Disgusted with himself, he instantly scoops and hands me the win.

vs. UG Dredge

Round 4, Game 1

Will I be able to pull off the come back and make it into the money? It all comes down to this! At this point I'm praying that I don't run into another RU Burning Vengeance deck. My sideboard just can't handle it and there are changes I already want to make to the deck.

Round 4 matches me with a WG Human deck. Ah, I know these well.


At this point I should say that 2 Saturdays ago, me and some ooooold friends I used to play magic with got together and we drafted Innistrad for the first time. We were all new to the cards. To put this in perspective, the last set we drafted together was Onslaught. It's been a while. We had a lot of fun and last Saturday we did it again. Flash forward to the past 2-3 days and I've basically been chain drafting and playing 6 booster Innistrad non-stop. Over the past 2-3 days I spent about 14 tickets and I just kept on winning. I kept using my prize packs to enter the next event and so far I've opened nearly 50 boosters... from 14 tickets.

The point is, this might be my first constructed tournament ever, but I feel like I know the Innistrad set very well. And for anyone who drafts, you all know that WG Humans is very popular.

Back to the story:

With no answer for Garruk (fliers or Brimstone Volley), he eventually overwhelms me and I'm in an 0-1 hole. My boosters are slipping through my fingers.

Round 4, Game 2

This game stalled early and it eventually became a race to see who could amass air superiority.

Obviously, I win that fight any day of the week and tie up the series 1-1.

Round 4, Game 3

At this point, I draw a very interesting opening hand:

No 1 or 2 drops in sight... but Blasphemous Act and the mana to cast it are both available. I decide to keep it.

At this point in the match, despite how long our games have been, I haven't cast a single Blasphemous Act. He doesn't know I have them. Everything falls into place. He dumps his entire army onto the battlefield. And after a well timed Blasphemous Act, it was all over.

vs. WG Humans

The only thing left for me to do was to claim what was rightfully mine:


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