Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Card - Sundial of the Infinite

A new card for M12 was previewed today by Wizards of the Coast and I might just have to update my You Can't Lose on July 15, 2011, when the set finally becomes public. And I might have to do it because of this card: Sundial of the Infinite.

It seems like this card was tailor made for You Can't Lose. A personal, permanent Time Stop which will end the turn and save me from any (of the many) "lose the game" cards in my deck? Yes, please. Not to mention that it also has the ability to counter any instants cast by my opponent. At the very least, it'll end up being useful Goblin Welder bait for my other monstrosities.

It's hard to judge how many I'll be needing in the deck... but I suspect only 1 or 2 copies will be sufficient. But what will I give up? Maybe the Stifle?

Sounds good to me.

It's always nice when Wizards of the Coast decides to make one of my most powerful decks even more powerful.

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