Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Move from Vintage to Legacy

I've been playing Magic: The Gathering casually since I was in the 7th grade (1995?) when Revised was still the latest and greatest set around. And even then I knew that I was missing out. You have to realize that the switch from Alpha/Beta/Unlimited to Revised, no new cards were being introduced to the set. Sure there were some imports from other early expansions (like Aladin's Lamp from Arabian Nights), but no matter what the import was, it was just a reprint. On the other hand, the cards that were being removed from Unlimited were gone forever. They were never being reprinted. And as a poor 7th grader who had a weekly allowance of $10 for food, there was no way I could afford $90 moxes, let alone a $200 Black Lotus. (They were just too damned expensive...!) My point is that as a result of my unfortunately timed introduction to MTG, I missed out on a lot of Vintage cards back then and today, the vast majority of my Vintage decks were always a little half-assed. They were lacking the real punch that comes with Vintage deck construction.

Recently, I've decided to make the move from Vintage to Legacy, now and forever. I have Demonic Tutors, Wheels of Fortune, Balances, and (lots) of Sol Rings that will never be used again. And I have a single Bazaar of Baghdad and a Library of Alexandria that are going to be sold on eBay very soon.

On the other hand, I (unexpectedly) find myself following a funny new format with an even funnier new Restricted List which allows 4 copies of Grim Monolith, Crop Rotation, and Berserk. In place of my single copies of Demonic Consultation and Memory Jar, I'm now allowed to include 4 copies of Brainstorm and Candelabra of Tawnos. And most importantly--even though I've never played in any live event where Restricted & Banned Lists actually exist--instead of finding myself playing with half-assed, wannabe, Vintage decks, I now find myself with fully fledged Legacy decks... although my decks still remain as casual as they've ever been.

I've never been a competitive player and I never will be. I'm just a guy who only plays Magic a handful of times a year and only with my brother. What can I say? I just like making decks. But first... let me check eBay to see how much some of my (now defunct) Vintage cards are going for:


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