Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Angry Birds, the Deck

So I've been away from M:TG for a while now, busy with real life, and then I come back to find the wonders of Proliferate ready to greet me. The following deck mixes 3 different ideas and results in a fairly competent deck:

Angry Birds, the Deck

Birds (24)
4 Soulcatcher's Aerie
4 Birds of Paradise
2 Suntail Hawk
2 Soulcatcher
1 Stormscape Familiar
4 Thrummingbird
2 Hunting Moa
1 Commander Eesha
1 Kangee, Aerie Keeper
3 Ordered Migration

Control (5)
2 Venser, the Sojourner
2 Contagion Engine
1 Balance

Other (10)
4 Skullclamp
4 Tithe
2 Steady Progress

Mana (21)
2 Everflowing Chalice
4 Mox Diamond
2 Diamond Valley
4 Tundra
4 Savannah
1 Scrubland
1 Plateau
3 Gemstone Mine

I've made tribal bird decks in the past and it always came across the same problems I've had with every other tribal deck I've ever put together -- they're just so damn boring. But with this build, I think I've finally made one I like. The multicolor is a plus, but it's the new Proliferate ability that puts it over the top.

In the past, my bird deck probably looked a lot like everyone every other deck. All you have to do is put in some Soulcatcher's Aeries, fuel it with some Raven Familiars, and take your pick with the rest of the birds. I then added the skullclamps when Darksteel first came out, but it still wasn't enough to fend off the boredom. But it's the introduction of the Thrummingbirds that really hold this deck together.

All of a sudden the Aeries become much more potent and immediately the Raven Familiars get tosses for Hunting Moas. Now Kangee seems much more viable, even if you only cast it with X=1. But it's the pair of Everflowing Chalices that can really get your mana out of control. Now instead of a single Kangee just for show, it becomes a potential game ending bomb. The Wrath of Gods are now swapped for Contagion Engines and Gemstone Mines help with the mana fixing.

And then there's Venser. I took him from another "Planeswalker Proliferation" decklist I saw. It was powered with the Chalice, the Engine, Venser, and a few other planeswalkers. But it's the synergy with Venser that I always liked. Throw in the potential for unblockable (small) Thrummingbirds, or unblockable (huge) pumped up migrations, or even the potential to get rid of pesky late game enchantments/artifacts that are getting in the way, and it fits the deck very nicely.

One last thing;

I've always preferred Ordered Migration over any of the other bird token generating cards. I've also found that with the Aerie, after you Skullclamp your first bird, the drawing engine just stops unless something else is at work. The inclusion of the land theme fixes this. Diamond Valleys keep the birds dropping and there's nothing better than a first turn Mox Diamond (or 2) followed by a Tithe. And even if it's late game, you can still use the extra Tithes to fetch more basic land types to fuel the migration. With only 15 lands and 4 Tithes (with Moxes, Birds of Paradise, and Balance increasing your chances of having less land than your opponent) you'll soon be greatly improving your normal draws for non-land cards which hopefully includes many ferocious birds.

(With proliferate, these birds get angry quick.)

Anyway, hope you like the deck.

I wonder how long this will keep my attention before I rip it all apart again.


  1. One more thing...

    I keep on going back and forth on whether or not Venser is worth it or not. My alternate deck list includes:

    -2 Venser, the Sojourner
    -2 Contagion Engine
    -1 Balance
    +2 Wrath of God
    +2 Naturalize
    +1 Ordered Migration

  2. I will be running the Poop Deck as:

    4x Thrummingbird
    4x Soulcatcher
    4x Squadron Hawk
    4x Birds of Paradise

    4x Soulcatcher's Aerie
    2x Doubling Season

    3x Uwazama's Jitte
    2x Everflowing Chalice
    1x Sphere of the Suns
    2x Culling Dais

    3x Ajani Goldmane

    4x Echoing Truth
    3x Battle Screech (I prefer the re-occurrence)

    2x Seachrome Coast
    4x Gemstone Mine
    1x Halimar Depths
    4x Forest
    3x Island
    6x Plains
    (or dual lands if you can afford them)

    4x Oblivion Ring (or alternate control)
    4x Fuel for the Cause
    4x Glint Hawk Idol

    Possible considerations:
    2x Emeria Angel
    3x Fate Transfer
    3x Fecundity

  3. Please dont make matter worst dont make the thummingbird angry